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Arthur Garratt's "Peter" Print - C. and A. Richards Boston Framed

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This is a lovely vintage framed print of a portrait painted by Arthur Paine Garratt (1873-1955), an English artist and engraver. He painted this portrait of his blond son Peter in 1919. The portrait is almost monotone save for the blush of color on the boy's cheeks and lips.

 The print was sold by C.& A. Richards, an importing firm in Boston, Massachusetts. There isn't a lot of history available about this firm. We know they were in business in 1930, because there are art works that are marked "Copyright C. & A. Richards 1930." We recently saw for sale a piece of their stationery dated 1943 that is headed C. & A. Richards and underneath that "Tallimit Art Products." The brand Tallimit shows up on many of the items they wholesaled. In this 1943 letter, they listed metal frames they had available for sale. 

Small Peter Picture in frame full front-

This print has a label on the lower right reverse that reads "Gold Frame Peter C. and A. Richards Boston, Mass". (State name abbreviations were changed to two capital letters in 1963.) There was a cardboard stand attached to the back but it has broken off. It probably was embossed with "Made in Germany" since that's where the Richards imported most of their items from. The frame is wood, painted gold and having nice beading around the print. The overall framed measurements are 7 1/2 inches tall by 6 3/4 inches wide. The actual print area is 4 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide. The original backing is intact, nailed on with small round, slightly rusty brads. The original round wall hanger on the back is still there and the frame, glass and print are all in very good condition.

peter framed picture back view with tag

This print is a pleasure to view and display.