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Clam Shells 1950's Style Accent Lamp Pink&White (Sold)

Sold-Thank You-$ 55.00 USD

Item # - PYH 4171

This fun ceramic lamp is shaped like two large clam shells, white on the outside, complete with textured growth lines and smooth pretty pink on the inside. This is the kind of lamp that would have sat on your TV in the 1950's, giving low-level light to protect your eyes, it was said, from watching the tube in a darkened room. 

White Shell light with pink inside

White Shell light with pink inside-side view

This beachy lamp (we do love our seashells in Florida) is about 8 1/2 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 5 inches front to back. There are no chips, no cracks, no crazing. It weighs a little over 2 pounds and has an in-line switch with the Ying Long mark (also UND. LAB INC. LISTED). The cord is in excellent condition and the lamp works fine. It takes a chandelier/candle bulb (type B) no more than 40 watts; while the light is fairly low, it does project upward, not from behind, so it's a bit brighter than many of these figural lamps. (see photograph #5). It's a very eye-catching accessory that works well in any room where you want a splash of light. 

White Shell light on display-A-home decor

White Shell light bottom view-electric plug bottom view of cord