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Folk Art Porcelain Wall Plate Hungarian Hollohaza

Folk Art Porcelain Wall Plate Hungarian Hollohaza

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Hollohaza is a small town in Hungary, where a factory started making glassware in 1777, then turned to producing porcelain due to the vast deposits of kaolin clay there. Their beautiful hand painted folk art designs,

 such the colorful flowers on this plate, go so well with American Colonial, primitive and country furnishings. The clay is pure white and the center and the rim are both encircled by a line of clear red and the rim has an interesting geometric design between the nosegays of flowers. The mark on the reverse is an older one, stamped in green with HOLLOHAZA curved around a pine tree, HUNGARY beneath that, then 1834 (the style number) and then DISZTAL (the pattern name, no longer being made). There are holes for a hanging wire molded in the top of the foot rim. 
Hungarian Floral China Plate orange blue green

The plate is 7 inches in diameter, stands 5/8 inches high and weighs 8 ounces. In pristine condition, this plate can either hang around or sit down and always look pretty.

Hungarian Floral China Plate bottom view