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Lamp French Faience Stylized Horse Form by HB Quimper

 Lamp French Faience Stylized Horse Form by HB Quimper

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This French faience lamp is an unusual and exciting find. It was produced by La Grande Maison HB pottery* in the city of Quimper, France.

 It's modeled as a stylized horse that's hand painted with Breton floral motifs on a yellow tin glazed background and trimmed with dark blue lines. The horse's tail forms the handle of the lamp; it's sponge painted in brown, as is the horse's mane. The signature is on the back of the horse's front leg (it only has two wide ones) with the HB (conjoined) Quimper France mark that has a few dots under the word France--code type symbols that were used as signatures by the artists. This mark was used by HB from 1918 to 1942. 
H B Quimper Pottery Lamp-4608 x 3456-jpg

The lamp stands 9 inches tall to the top of the light socket and is 9 inches long. The cream colored pleated lamp shade made of a sturdy hardened plastic on a metal frame measures 6 1/2 inches tall and 7 3/4 inches across the bottom. It clips onto the light bulb and is marked Pat. Pend. Made in USA along the upper rim. It's vintage but in excellent condition. The lamp powers on perfectly and the cord and plug, which come out of a hole in the bottom of the lamp,and the bulb socket are all in good condition. The finish of the patterned brass cap that attaches the socket to the body of the lamp is worn. There is old soft grey felt on the bottom of one of the legs and none on the other. The pottery itself is crazed and there is a small chip on the corner edge of one side of a leg (best seen in photo#2--is that the foot?) Overall, it looks lovely and is a great treat for the Quimper collector.
H B Quimper Pottery Lamp-head left with shade 2-on wood-2969 x 3456-jpg

*A brief history of the HB factory: In 1690, Jean-Baptiste Bousquet started a pottery in Quimper. The business was continued by his descendants and was expanded by Antoine de la Hubaudière, who married into the family. The pottery became known as La Grande Maison (the great house) HB (for Hubaudière and Bousquet). 
H B Quimper Pottery Lamp Bottom Mark

P.S. Light bulb not included. The maximum wattage is not marked on the lamp, but a 60 watt bulb works fine.