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Wooden Doll Cradle With Carved Hearts

 Wooden Doll Cradle With Carved Hearts

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Doll Cradle Painted with Hearts
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Folk Art <doll cradle>
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This utterly charming old wooden doll cradle was hand made and hand painted with folk art designs and vignettes. While parts of the cradle were finished in a cherry stain, other parts were painted in a dark forest green.
The sides are decorated with floral motifs and have pegs that mimic those on a rope bed, used to secure the ropes that support a featherbed. The ends are carved with scallops and hearts and are painted with scenes of a child amidst trees with a lake and mountains in the background. The end paintings have similar themes but are not identical (see one in photo #4). The rockers are painted with the dark green and also have floral motifs painted on them. 
Folks Art Painted Dolls Cradle end view

The length of this doll cradle is 12 inches; the width is 8 inches from rocker to rocker and about 4 1/2 inches wide across the top. The overall height is 8 1/4 inches while the sides of the bed are 1 1/8 inches tall. The cradle sits evenly and rocks nicely. The wood and paint are in wonderful condition and obviously well taken care of. It's a lucky doll that gets to sleep in this cradle, but this piece is also a pleasing addition to a folk art collection. 
Doll Cradle Foke Art Painted inside view