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Stoneware Bowl Cobalt Stripes by Robinson-Ransbottom

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3 QT. Robinson Ransbottom Bowl
Condition Used Vintage
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This mixing bowl by Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Company is from their super popular Williamsburg line. Made of a speckled greyish stoneware with two 1/2 inch wide cobalt stripes, deeply impressed decorations and a shiny salt glaze, this 3 quart bowl is in outstanding condition.
The stamped blue mark on the bottom reads vertically: ROBINSON RANSBOTTOM Roseville, Ohio U.S.A. #30 10"/3 QT. (Some parts of the mark are not clear--see photographs #2 and #4).

Large Double Blue Ringed Mixing Bowl Bottom View

Robinson-Ransbottom was created by a merger of two different companies in 1920 and proved to be one of the few companies that made it into the 21st century producing serviceable stoneware (they went out of business in 2005). Since they were located in Roseville, Ohio, their items are sometimes misidentified as being made by Roseville Pottery, a company that made only art pottery. 

The bowl is 10 1/4 inches across the top, 6 1/4 inches tall and tapers to a 5 1/2 inch diameter base. It weighs an amazing 5 pounds 10 ounces. It's immaculate, without even a utensil mark on the inside of the bowl, ready to add flair to your kitchen decor and be useful for all sorts of mixing jobs.

Large Double Blue Ringed Mixing Bowl Inside View
Large Double Blue Ringed Mixing Bowl