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Leather Covered Antique Chinese Box

Leather Covered Antique Chinese Box
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Chinese Box
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This antique Chinese box is made of wood that is wrapped with leather and covered with a number of interesting hand painted and gilded designs. On the lid are depicted two longhouses, along with men in traditional robes, hats and pigtails. There are nature symbols such as trees, hills and shrubs. All of these motifs are also on all four sides.

The box is secured with a brass hasp that is decorated with a pierced Wan symbol, also known as a swastika. The pin, backplate and hinge are also brass. There are two rectangular brass hinges on the back, secured with tiny brass brads. The bottom is undecorated leather.

The wooden interior is lacquered in a cinnabar color. The inner lid is also decorated with the same designs as the exterior. Measurements on this box are 4 ¼ inches long, 3 ¼ inches wide and 2 inches high.

This beautiful Chinese box is in excellent condition.