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Petroglyph Designs Dish by Red Horse Clay Co.

Petroglyph Designs Dish by Red Horse Clay Co.


  • Vintage item
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • $90.00 USD
  • Slightly oval
  • 8 3/4 inches across 
  • 8 1/4 inches top to bottom

A striking red clay dish with incised, beautifully painted petroglyph designs, this piece was hand made by Red Horse Clay Company in Mesa, Arizona, founded by artist/owner/potter Carol Sherwood in 1984. The central figures are a man and a woman wearing buffalo horns, surrounded by a turquoise sun, bear tracks, a checkered antelope and other symbols, all set against the gritty unglazed clay. The bottom edge of the plate is finished in white crackle similar to raku; the other glossy colors include black and a vivid red. We love their turquoise and white clothing!

The back of the plate has 3 applied fat button feet. There's a molded two-hole hanger with wire twisted through it so you can hang the dish as well as place it on a table. It is inscribed RED HORSE CLAY CO. and © '94. It is slightly oval, measuring 8 3/4 inches across and 8 1/4 inches top to bottom. It stands about 1 inch high and weighs a little less than a pound. The dish is in excellent condition; there are a few tiny white specks on the red clay edges, which seem to be typical with this company's wares.

The artist was inspired to create her pottery after exploring ancient ruins in the Southwest. To quote her own words, "The Indian world was filled with symbolism and mysticism. A complete belief in the spirit world was a guiding factor in all things. Many of these petroglyphs were made by the shaman or medicine man to communicate between the spirit world and the world of man." 

This red clay pottery piece depicts ancient Native American symbols in a very modern way. It's a fascinating, dramatic and decorative display piece.

© Linda Henrich

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