Blue Lustre and Gilt 1918-1945 Czechoslovakia Compote

Blue Compote Bowl With Gold Rings


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This striking compote was made by Haas & Czjzek, a prominent porcelain manufacturer in Schlaggenwald, formerly in Czechoslovakia (now it's in the Czech Republic). The mark, shown in our photo #3, is printed in green on the bottom and shows a shield with 1795 (the date of the founding of the company) over it

. In the center of the shield is an arrow or tree with the letters H C, one on each side, and an S (for Schlaggenwald) at the bottom. The word Czechoslovakia is curved beneath the shield; H and C used this particular mark from 1918 to 1945. 

Blue Compote Bowl With Gold Rings Bottom Mark Close Up

It seems that Czechoslovakian china and porcelain manufacturers were very fond of lustre, as there are a number of pieces in existence that have a complete lustre glaze and some that just have it as trim. This compote has a beautiful blue lustre body that has a glossy finish that reminds us of oil on water; there are tones of green and lavender when the light hits at certain angles. Both the upper and lower rims were hand painted with gilt and then outlined in a narrow black line. The black line on the very edge of the upper rim is the only area showing some loss of paint. There is a glaze skip on the inside bottom, but otherwise this compote is in superb condition. It stands 4 ½ inches tall, is 9 ½ inches across the top and weighs about 2 pounds. The base has a 4 ¾ inch diameter. 

Blue Compote Bowl With Gold Rings Inside Bowl View

This compote would be wonderful as a fruit bowl, a centerpiece or on display on a sideboard or shelf.

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