Enchanto California Pottery Handled Leaf Design Serving Dish

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The name Enchanto is so evocative of pottery made in California in the 40’s and 50’s. Over 1000 of these potteries took advantage of the unique combinations of clay available in Southern California, 

including Enchanto which was based in Burbank, although we have seen paper or foil stuck-on labels which say Enchanto Fullerton, CA. 92643. Since ZIP codes started in 1963, this may indicate that the company moved to Fullerton later on in their history. We have also seen their pieces which have both the impressed mark and a foil label for the Burbank collection.

Enchanto California Pottery Handled Leaf Design Serving Dish

This colorful and dramatic divided serving dish has three compartments shaped to resemble leaves and an arched handle with 3 branching arms. The fantastic swirling colors include turquoise, caramel and rust on the front with the reverse side glazed a variegated rust and caramel. The impressed mark is ENCHANTO above L-205-USA. Condition is excellent, with crazing only on the reverse side. 

leaf design serving dish

This is a large piece, measuring a full 12 inches at the widest point. It stands 1 ½ inches high on three unglazed nubby feet. The handle arches two inches high at the peak.

Enchanto pottery leaf dish back side view

Anywhere this piece of pottery is placed, it will add color, excitement and a modern vibe, and serve your food in style.

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