James Anderson Bowl Shearwater Pottery

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Blue Bowl Shearwater Pottery
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Shearwater Pottery was started in 1928 by Peter Anderson and it continues to be an Anderson family concern. The pottery is renowned for their distinctive glazes and the exceptional quality of their pieces. Each one is unique and individual. The only retail shop for their wares is located at their workshop in Ocean Springs, MS.

The impressed bottom mark in the buff clay reads Shearwater; a conjoined JA for James Anderson, and “00” for the year 2000.  James (Jim) Anderson joined Shearwater Pottery in 1966, working side-by-side with his father, Peter Anderson, until Peter’s death in 1984. Jim was the only potter at Shearwater until his son joined him in 1999.

blue-dish pottery-2-bottom mark

shearwater-pottery-bowl-inside view

This bowl is a beautiful example of their art pottery. The glossy blue glaze is gorgeous. The diameter of the bowl is 4 ¾ inches, the height is 2 inches and base is 2 ¼ inches across. The bowl is in excellent condition, with one tiny glaze skip and two minute bumps in the glaze, both of which occurred during firing.
This unique pottery piece will become more treasured and valuable as time goes by.
PYH - 3658

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