Mesoamerican Warrior Sculpture

Mesoamerican Warrior Sculpture

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Terra Cotta Mesoamerican Warrior Sculpture
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This tall, heavy sculpture of a male holding a club and a shield is made of terra cotta clay. He's wearing a rolled headdress, a bandanna at his neck and his chin is wrapped, also. His eyes are painted with cream colored slip, as are many of the other sculpted elements. The figure is hollow with a spout opening at the top of the head that has a diameter of approximately 1 1/2 inches.
Interestingly, there are tiny markings impressed on the bottom that are not Latin alphabet letters and are unreadable to us. (Zoom photograph #4 and you can barely see them on the foot on the left.) We've looked at pictures of hundreds of sculptures from cultures such as Mayan, Aztec, Mexican and Central American; we are using the term "Mesoamerican" since we cannot pinpoint the exact origin of this work. 

side view of mexican man-

This statue is 11 inches tall, 5 inches across the shoulders, 4 inches front to back and weighs 2 pounds. There is light surface wear and a minute hairline crack running at the back of the unmarked foot for about 1/16th of an inch (again, zoom #4 and you'll see it faintly on the foot on the right). The wonderful aged condition of this handsome ethnic sculpture makes this a nice find.

back view of mexican man

P.S. We've placed this in our "The Arte de México" section because it works well with other Mexican arts and Mexico is part of the Mesoamerican culture area.

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