Twisted Hoop Handle Grapevine Basket

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Tall Grapevine Basket
Condition Used Vintage
Category - Basket-Country
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Item ID - PYH 4022


This tall and wide basket was hand made with grapevines in a generous round shape. Including the handle, the basket is 18 inches tall; without the handle, it's 8 inches tall. It's 14 inches across the top from handle to handle with a 9 inch diameter bottom.

The hoop handle is constructed of twisted vines and nicely attached to the body of the basket. The color is a nice warm rich brown. It's in great condition, with just a few breaks that have 1 inch pieces missing, which do not detract from the basket's beauty. This is a very useful basket for storage or decoration. 

Medium Grapevine Basket bottom viewMedium Grapevine Basket Inside View

Medium Grapevine Basket with dish cloth

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