Tidbit Plate 1932-1938 RS Tillowitz Reinhold Schlegelmilch Gilded

Tidbit Plate 1932-1938 Rose Covered RS Tillowitz Reinhold Schlegelmilch Gilded

A beautiful tidbit tray hand painted with white and pink roses, this fine porcelain piece was made by the Reinhold Schlegelmilch factory in Tillowitz in what was then German Upper Silesia. The printed green mark on the bottom that reads RS Tillowitz was used from 1932 to 1938.*

There is a gilded loop handle on each side, making it comfortable to use to offer guests a bonbon or petit four. The painting and shading is very well done and the rim is gilded, also.
RS Tillowitz Floral Plate Rose covered

Everything about this tray is in excellent condition, with very minor wear even to the rim. This probably was a cabinet piece. The width is 8 1/2 inches including the handles; the tray itself is 6 3/4 inches in diameter by 3/4 inch high. It's lovely to use and lovely to display.

RS Tillowitz Rose Floral Plate - bottom mark view

*Ref.: "Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks, Pottery & Porcelain 1850 to the Present," Ralph and Terry Kovel, Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, 1986, Page 206

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