Vintage 1940's Stoneware Yellow Small Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls 1940's Stoneware Smallest of the Nest

Sold - $29.00
These two matching stoneware mixing bowls are very cute. They date to the 1940’s and have wide rim bands that have raised butterflies and tulips. They're glazed in a glossy pale yellow that's really pretty.
The bowls stand 2 3/4 inches high and they are about 4 3/4 inches wide at the top. The outsides are finely crazed and the insides have some crazing also. The condition is otherwise very good with no chips or cracks or hairlines. They have no maker's marks. It's hard to find these small size bowls, so having a pair of them is double fun. They add a charming touch to the country or mid-century kitchen.
***Price is for both bowls.

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