Crystalline Glaze Pitcher by Edgecombe Potters Maine

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Edgecombe Pitcher
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The crystalline glaze on this tall pitcher is simply spectacular. It was hand made by Edgecomb Potters in Edgecomb, Maine. Crystalline glazes are created with various minerals and are one of the most eye-catching ways to decorate ceramic surfaces. The form of this porcelain pitcher is beautifully balanced, with a gently swelling body, flared foot and ridged, C-shaped handle. The pale mint green color is delicious, highlighted with a high gloss top glaze. The dry bottom has their incised mark, Edgecomb Potters, in script. {It's interesting to note, that while Edgecomb wares have the appearance of pottery, their website says they are "durable porcelain."}
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Edgecomb Potters was started 40+ years ago by the late Richard Hilton and his wife, Christine. A piece was given to Portland Maine's Russian sister city by the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and another was given to the President of Taiwan as a gift. Their works have also been featured in multiple ceramics magazines and newspapers nationwide and sold in galleries across the U.S. 

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This pitcher is 8 1/4 inches tall at the lip of the wide spout, 7 inches wide from spout to handle and stands on a 3 inch diameter round base. It weighs 2 pounds, 7 ounces and easily holds 32 ounces. According to their website, it can be washed in the dishwasher but do not use the heated dry cycle.

This hand made porcelain piece will prove as useful to you as it is beautiful and will increase in value over the years ahead.
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