Blue and White Japanese Porcelain Bowls

Blue and White Japanese Porcelain Bowls


This pair of pretty porcelain bowls are different in size and decorations, but are from the same kiln in Japan, probably from Arita in the Saga Prefecture. The two blue characters on the bottom are identical on each bowl, but as yet unidentified.

Japanese Blue Floral Bowls

Both bowls are pure white porcelain, with blue  and white floral and geometric designs. The larger  of the two bowls measures 6 inches across, about  2 3/4 inches high and has splashes of pink on the flowers in the inner center. It also has a raised  diaper pattern on the outside, along with two blue  lines encircling the foot rim. The smaller of the  two measures 4 inches across, 2 inches high and  has clusters of green dots on the interior flowers.  The outside of the bowl is plain white and has 8   panels. 

Japanese Blue Floral Bowls-mark view

Japanese Blue Floral Bowls-Side View

These bowls are in excellent condition and are useful both for ornament and serving.

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