Vase by Franklin Calero Nicaraguan Folk Art Pottery

Vase by Franklin Calero  Nicaraguan Folk Art Pottery
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Franklin Calero Vase
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This beautiful vase comes from the well-known, talented Nicaraguan artist Franklin Calero. The Calero family has a long tradition of pottery making in the village of San Juan de Oriente; their wares are high quality and collected world-wide. The terra cotta clay for this pottery is harvested in the fields outside of the town and colored with mineral oxides. The outer layer of the clay is incised and pecked away to create the bas-relief motifs. The three tropical themes of a sea turtle, a toucan and a hummingbird reflect the local fauna, vividly colored and burnished by hand for a glowing patina. The designs stand out dramatically against the brick red and black background with its marbleized effect. 

4307 Franklin Calero Vase Fish Side-2278 x 2238-jpg.JPG
4307 Franklin Calero Vase Bird Side-2319 x 2233-jpg.JPG

This vase is in excellent original condition, with no damage or repairs. The artist's signature is etched into the bottom. It stands 6 1/2 inches tall, 4 1/2 inches at the widest through the belly, and tapers to a base about 2 1/2 inches across. This decorative vase, by a highly respected potter in the signature traditional style of this area of Nicaragua, is a work of folk art to be displayed with pride.

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