Collectible Shoe Bank by Sheffield Pottery

Collectible Shoe Bank by Sheffield Pottery color brown


This figural bank in the shape of a shoe was made by the Sheffield Pottery in Sheffield, Massachusetts. It is made of white clay that is glazed in chocolate brown. The raised laces down the front are tied in a bow and the coin slot is hand-cut. The bottom features a cork plug and a hand-written signature in white slip. 

Side View of sheffield  pottery shoe bank  color brown

Sheffield Pottery was owned by Joseph and Marie Cowan, who cleared out their barn in 1946 and began selling their pottery. Joseph retired in 1982 but the company is still in business. According to an email we received from Sheffield Pottery, this bank probably dates to the 1970’s. This was not a production piece, but probably a one-off creation.

Bottom view with cork of sheffield  pottery shoe bank brown

This bank is 5 inches long, 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide. It’s in excellent condition with a tiny chip on the upper rim and a few flaws on the bottom that were caused during the firing.

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Sheffield Pottery ShoeBank
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