Robinson-Ransbottom Trio of Spongeware Pitchers

Robinson-Ransbottom Trio of Spongeware Pitchers


This set of three spongeware pottery pitchers was made by Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery. There are two 1 pint pitchers and one 1 quart pitcher, all sponged in blue on a creamy white body with a clear top glaze. Each piece has a stamped mark in black on the bottom that includes the company name, the city, state and USA and the word "pitcher" with the capacity. 

Robinson Ransbottom was created by a merger of two companies in 1920 and proved to be one of the few companies that made it into the 21st century producing serviceable stoneware (they went out of business in 2005). Since they were located in Roseville, Ohio, their items are sometimes misidentified as being made by Roseville Pottery, a company famous for their art pottery. 

Each one of these 1970's pitchers is in excellent condition, with just crazing to the clear glaze. It's interesting to note that the sponging on each pitcher varies in amount, with the very slightly shorter pint one having the most. The pint pitchers measure about 4 3/4 inches in height and the quart one measures about 6 1/4 inches tall. They are heavy, sturdy pitchers and a delight to use for serving, decorate with or add to your spongeware collection.
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Robinson Ransbottom Pitchers
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