Vintage Hand Made Iron and Brass Kitchen Utensils

Vintage Hand Made Iron and Brass Kitchen Utensils and Wall Hanger With Marks
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This set of hand wrought brass and iron utensils and their wall hanger are a wonderful addition to your kitchen or fireplace surround. The group, as so often happens in kitchens that have collected equipment over a long period of time, is a "marriage," meaning the pieces were made by different metal craftsmen and probably acquired at different times.

4324 Metal Rack three utensils back view marks

The 6 inch tall iron wall hanger features a bar with upcurved rattail ends, a diamond shaped back and a round top with a diamond cutout to hang on a nail on the wall. The maker's incised mark is on the back, the conjoined initials JF, with an arrow tail on the J. One of the utensils is a wonderful iron spatula, 11 inches long and 2 inches wide at the bottom, whose handle ends at the top with a heart shape and has a heart cut out of the part that turns your hotcakes. There are lovely designs engraved down the handle and around the open heart. It's incised on the back with the maker's mark T. Loose and the number 77. The other two utensils are ladles with iron handles and brass bowls.
4324 Metal Rack three back view of  utensils

 The shorter one, about 10 1/4 inches long with a 2 1/4 inch diameter bowl, also has incised designs down the handle; the bowl is attached to the handle with copper rivets. It's also signed by T. Loose but without any numbers. The largest utensil, the other ladle, is 13 1/2 inches long and has a 2 3/4 inch diameter bowl that's attached with iron rivets. This one is unsigned by the maker and has no etched designs. The very top of each utensil curls under on the back to a handsome hook that allows it to be hung on the bar.

This set including the hanger is in very good condition, with only the larger of the ladles having some discoloration and corrosion on the handle. We haven't polished them but have left them in their as-found state. The entire set weighs just under a pound, so it's not too weighty for most walls.

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